Alumni & Friends is pleased to offer alumni career services as a lifelong benefit through Broward College Employment Solutions. This means you are eligible for free workshops, career coaching, resume refreshers, and includes access to the College Career Network job board where you can seek out potential employers and jobs. You only need your student ID to join.  


College Central Network

The College Central Network job board managed by Broward College Employment Solutions is your gateway to a career advancement network that provides leading-edge technology for connecting employers with qualified emerging talent, quickly and easily.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool in your professional development. Alumni & Friends invite you to follow us and connect with our official alumni group where you can post, share, comment and catch up on the latest news from our alumni community.


Employment Solutions

Lifelong access to the College’s Employment Solutions resources and College Career Network Platform is an important benefit for Broward College alumni.  Connect with Employment Solutions when looking to reboot your skillsets, refresh your resume, or get advice about career development and tools available to you.